28 Januari 2012

- p/s -

i love you enough to fight for you
compromise for you and sacrifice
myself for you if need be
enough to miss you incredibly when
we're apart. no matter what length
of time it's for and regardless of the distance
enough to believe in our relationship, 
to stand by it through the worse
of times. to have faith in our strength
as a couple and to never give up on us.
enough to spend the rest on my life
with you, be there for ypu when yoy
need or want me and never, ever want
to leave you or live without you

take note : do you know that i love you ? i probably already told you, but i'm going keep saying it. there is no lies in these words, not one bit. your smile keeps me alive. is one more reason to keep fighting. i would give you my soul for comfort, even if it leaves me dark and cold and when i hold you close, i can feel your heart beat fast and i think to myself... i've found that " someone " at last

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