10 Julai 2012

- penyesalan atas kehilangan -

what are you doing over here ?
you have someone else, don't you ?
if this is how it's going to be
it's better we go our separate ways
i just wanted a simple answer to my question
but you can't even answer it
if it true, then just say yes
if not, then just answer no
yet, you're wavering over a one-word answer
if you act like this
how do you expect me to believe
that there's nothing between you and him ?
so how did he get you number
if you weren't the one who gave it to him ?
do you take me for such a fool
cause he called while you were with me
so why didn't you take the call ?
you blamed it on bad reception
i'd blame it more on your character
damn ! you're able to do it ..... without shame
was misled to believe you were an angel
when in fact, you are a demoness
had me cpmpletely convinced
that you were made for me
but it turned out to be just my imagination
you're a two-timer with multiple numbers
no one would be able to tolerate it
you're such a promiscuous women
since you're like that, then let's do this
we might as well break up
we'll both go find someone new
i'll consider the past as a charitable donation
i loved you, but you took me for granted
one day you'll be sorry and cry
then don't you regret it
don't feel bad about it

take note : actly kata-2 kat atas aku petik dari sebuah lagu versi thai.. sekali dengar best jerkkk.. bila dgr berulang-2 kali terlintas di hati utk translate apa maksud lagu tue.. so aku pun berusaha demi usaha akhirnya aku ketahui.. heheee.. story tentang couple yang curang... curang ! curang ! dn curang ! ishhh laaa si bf bkn maen syg lagi kat si gf. siap hadiahkan sebijik kereta beb (bf ank orang kaya, suka perhabis harta bapak), tapi last2 si gf cari owg laen. sbb apew ? ops ! no komen aku pun ta tahu tapi last2 si gf tue dtg balek melutut merayu bagai mintak maaf. myb tyme tue baru dya tahu erti penyesalan atas kehilangan someone yang beto-2 menyayangi dya kowt

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