Nor Ain Rusli
Nor Ain Rusli

- Don't love -

I should go
I should hurry up and go...
Because my stubbornness will turn to tears
I should hurry so I won't see you left behind
A bit faster , I should hurry and go..
Our departing love , it's crying now
Our overflowing sadness spill out
It's hard.. even just one step forward
So I just stand crying with my back on you
Don't love , good bye will always come
It hurts so much that you can't even breath
I thought that it'd only hurt as much as i love you
That it'd be okey
That I could forget it
But no , it hurts thousand times more
I'm afraid 
Living with my eyes opened 
Because even if I'm searching 
I'm won't be able to see you
Instead of yearning for you
Living with my eyes closed is probably better
Again and again
It can't , can't happen
I keep telling to my self
Like a fool
Don't love , it hurts so much that you feel like dying
Tears fall each and everyday
I though it would be easy when a new love come..
i thought I could forget everything ,
That's what they said
But no , my love can't be that way..
for me..

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    1. huhuuu adat laa dlm hidup nie ada suka dn duka kan..tak semua yg kita nak , akan kita sedih laa sikit :/