25 April 2014

- so today -

If I could see you right now
The cowardly days would end
My heart always stops me
Turn around..
There is no such thing as perfect
I knew my pride and barrier has hidden you from me
I couldn't see you
One more word , that's what we lack
Only because of that
Too late ? Why we are breaking up
Three Hundred more than that
A long time
Forever and ever , close to you
close to me , Is it end ?
Through the slightly open
Side of the door
I saw your back shaking with tears..
I finally got there
One more word got covered
Although it's the ears
Too loud to hear for many times
Three Hundred time more
Even if I'll be hurt
Forever and ever , close to you
close to me , never end
My weakness
Will hold you
It's still the same like how it was in the past
Your weakness
I'll protect you
Raise your head
One more chance , once again
Only that
Two hearts understand each other forever
Three days is so much
So long
Forever and ever , close to you
close to me , open your eyes
open your eyes...

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