25 April 2014

- I change for you -

It's a tearful sob story
I was miserable in the past
With my scraped keens clutched to my chest
I was waiting for you
Always you gave me a tender smile
I was in love with you like that
Just like aiming at a basketball hoop
I want to confess but..
Even now the jealousy in those days
Remains deeply ingrained in my body
With just a little hesitation
A longed for shoot !
It will change everything
A whisper comes into my ear
Something must be done about this weak self
Otherwise I can't say 'I love You'
In the first place
I'll try to tell my thoughts
Don't becomes so serious
As another self is on my side
I'll conveniently release the tensions
Just wait until you see it
Though I'm no good
I have my own thoughts
Life is always a 'reverse game'
The one who can take little chances
A star of my dreams !
Everything will be changed
A whisper comes into my ear
Getting brokenhearted could'n be helped , ok ?
Retying my shoe strings..
I'll tell my thoughts really next time
everybody , that's it ! If you've fallen in love
everybody , everyday is tough so..
everybody , we must go on !
A whisper comes into my ear
Something must be done about this weak self
I would call out to you
You would look back..
I'll tell my thoughts for sure
I've been yearning for you for so long
Today I'm a little different
oh baby baby , I love you
I change for you for you I need you

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