Nor Ain Rusli
Nor Ain Rusli

- after love -

i thought u were my love
i believed u would be my last love
i smiled only for u
i lived only for u
as if that would be my happiness
i believed in ur live
everything is a lie,
it's all a lie
ur love is all a lie
hurting me like this
love that left saddening me
and make me cry
that u wloud only love me
that u would protect me
ur love is all lies
u took all my heart
and took my love
ur love is a love that leaves
recieving love from one person
giving love to one person
like an idiot i believed
that person would be u
the words of love are lies
even the word love is a lie
the word forever is also a lie
u only left me the promise of coming bacl
where did u go ? u keep getting farther
where did u go ? even if u're far and farther away
i only love u
thinking that u might come back
that u might come to me
i can't love again
even if u hurt me like this and made me sad
i only wait for u
everything is a lie
it's all a lie
our break up is all a lie
because u are my love
because u are my all
i only wait for u

i loved u , i didn't have anyone but u leaving me at the end

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