21 April 2014

- moonlight angel -

Holding my empty heart , I go running ,
to the place I don't even know where ,
In the painful memories that led me ,
Only your images again ,
Can you hear me I don't want to cry anymore ,
My heart is brimming over with you ,
Please stay me , I miss you everyday ,
Please hold me who got tired ,
Opening my heart that had been closed ,
You held my trembling hands tightly for me ,
When I lean on your shoulder only a little ,
The word was always happy , wasn't it ,
I'm still with you my love .

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Kurus dengan mudah dan sihat. 

Agent Sah Medina Desire. 

1 ulasan:

  1. jangan sedih-sedih..
    ada hikmah di sebalik setiap kejadian.
    Innallaha ma'ana.. :)
    chill... :D