Nor Ain Rusli
Nor Ain Rusli

- A song for you -

on tha day when I sent you off ,
It was also raining , wasnt it ?
Trying to shield me who was sobbing ,
Also today when I picture you ,
The rain is falling again ,
Trying to hide my sad tears ,
By any chance , you also , on a rainy day ,
Happen to recall me , I wonder ,
Only a vague hope that it probably is the case ,
I sing a song for you ,
Please listen to my song ,
I love you
I love you
Please listen to my words ,
Even if the world ends ,
My song is eternal ,
I sing a song for you ,
Try straining yours ears ,
When it rains like today ,
So that you can hear my voice calling your name ,
Smiling face or tearful face ,
Everything of me ,
As you are willing to receive ,
Feeling embarrassed ,
Though I can't put into words ,
I'm always feeling ,
Instead of "Thank you" ,
Overflowing melody of love ,
Everytime I sing to myself , I think ,
I am not alone anymore ,
Even when I feel discouraged or defeated ,
Both you and I together to the end ,
We will keep on singing ,
The tenderness you gave me ,
Turns into a singing voice ,
The singing voice changes into our courage ,
I sing a song for you ,
As I want to send ,
This thought that can't be put into words ,
May I stay just as I am ? ,
Even if we stumble or get lost ,
Our journey will not come to an end ,
We will keep on walking ,
Sing a song only for you ,
Surely I will keep on walking all the way ,
I will keep on singing...

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