Nor Ain Rusli
Nor Ain Rusli

- Nanchatte Renai -

I let out a long yawn because
I'm very bored on this dull afternoon
I wonder if you will or not conquer me 
You blew it
Somehow , I've lived
As a cheerfull person for a while , but
Now I noticed that I seem to be getting attractive
Ah , why is it that
Always when night falls
I feel like crying ? Ah
Oh baby all my dreams are serious
So what are the conditions for become an adult ?
I want you to tell me
But it's kind of a annoyance
I still have not bought a new tv
Every time I'm in a fake love
I become so lonely
However I want to feel warmed
Although you try to pretend to be a nice guy
That is just in vain
Even so , you properly give me a lovely smile
While I ate a hamburger
I look at people in the city
Is there any girl who laughs for real ?
Transmitting on my headphone
Each song is repeated several times
these lyrics are singing about me
Ah , why is it that

I'm being so spoiled
I want to call my mom , Ah !

oh baby , what will I do tomorrow ?
What do I want ? Ah yeah
Love isn't enough
But I won't act as a delinquent without any sense
because it's a waste of time , you know ?
I want to love
Not everyone knows how a girl feels
Having a false love after another
falsity can have a lot of meanings , but
I just want to shine
I wonder it this will become reality

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